Mindfulness, a place to reflect on life in a positive way…

A little background information….

Mindfulness is a key part of Buddhism, it’s also known to appear in Hindu writing. The concepts of mindfulness can appear alien to people, however, mindfulness has been moving into a Western culture for a long time. The Beatles, in the 1960s travelled to India to explore mediation and the benefits of mindfulness from the Maharishi.

In the 1970s Jon Kabat-Zun established the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction programme, since then other Mindfulness Based Cognitive Theraphies have been developed.

It’s apparent that having a mindful approach to stress, anxiety and mental health problems is effective for the majority of people. The NICE (national institute for health and clinical excellence) recommend “mindfulness-based cognitive therapy for people who are currently well but have experienced three or more previous episodes of depression.”

Mindfulness in its own right is moving away from its clinical settings, and from its Buddhists roots into the wider communities.

Many people are now experiencing the benefits to daily life, through both mediation and mindfulness practice, they have reported a better quality of life.

Well don’t take my word, for it give it a try!

I shall share some of the information I have retained by my own training with mindfulness ( I have been certified to teach mindfulness, and I want others to be able to access this information as well, without the financial implications) and mediation.I hope to be able to give you an understanding of mindfulness, to take away the jargon and with a open mind you will easily understand that some of the concepts are already part of your mindset, but under a different name. An example of this, is that you understand the concept of ‘doing something on auto pilot’, under the mindfulness heading of ‘living in the moment’; Other concepts of this are 

  • Wake up and smell the roses
  • Quality time
  • Count to ten
  • Don’t cross the bridges till you come to them.
  • Even in a religious prayer
  • God, give me grace to accept with serenity the things that cannot be changed, Courage to change the things which should be changed, and the Wisdom to distinguish the one from the other.

    I shall not preach to you, but instead, I shall try to show you new concepts which may be new to you, but hopefully with practice, I shall help you create a new unique mindful approach to your daily living.

    With mindfulness there are no right or wrong ways, there are no goals, no exams, therefore no winning or losing. Mindfulness offers you results from regular practicing, all sessions are equally valuable; some days will be better than others, but with an open mind you will be able to monitor your own progress, without the comparison to others; this is your personal, therefore unique take on life, no two people are the same.

    The sessions I put on here will give you a basic understanding of mindfulness and how you can implement this into your life, how to help you reflect on stressful events that cause anxiety and depression. I hope you find it a useful resource or reference to use when you most need it.

    Please feel free to contact me in relation to this page, your opinion counts, and I will engage with you, there are no right or wrong answers to mindfulness so why not give it go today!