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Check out this free crochet pattern 💕

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Information on creating graphghans – shared from ‘the crochet crowd’ useful information to know…..

Make Your Own Custom Graphghans
Sourced from Mikey, The Crochet Crowd

With Graphghans being the rage for crocheters. Crocheters are constantly looking for ways to create their own graphs. There are different resources out there such as websites that will allow you to make your own graphs to websites that do it for you.

The price ranges of the websites that offer this service vary and you should shop it around.
(The Crochet Crowd doesn’t provide the service of working with graph companies for crocheters or custom create any graphs. We are not involved in this element of crochet but have provided resources below on more information and referrals of companies that provide this.)
How to Crochet Your Own Picture Afghans
How to Create Your Own Crochet Picture Afghans.

  • Pattern Wizard Graph Maker. Word Chart

Some companies call this a number chart as well. I prefer this concept over printing off a graph.

  • Stitch Fiddle – Will Make Graphs and Crochet Diagrams.

This free program is probably the best free service I have seen so far.

It can do multiple types of graphs which include crochet, knitting and embroidery.

This website also has a free crochet diagram maker.

No sign up is required to play.

  • Pattern Wizard Graph Maker – Will Make Graph Based Pattern for Free.

Has limited use of sizing. The program is technically designed for cross stitch but the graph it creates can be used for crochet. You can select colour counts and more.

Paid Services

  • Linda’s Yarn Art – Numbers Chart

This company provides numbers chart for photographic and other types of afghans.

Linda accepts digital artwork and photographs to be transferred to a numbers chart to follow along.

Linda will provide advice and help during the process and has an online community to help as well.

Prices range from $8 – $12 USD per picture.

  • Momma’s J.A.M. Pack – Word Chart

This company has a lot more detailed charts for photographic results for an afghan.

They have free example to try to test your knowledge with tutorials to show you how to do it.

They have a lot of pre-done graph examples to purchase a pattern plus you can request a pattern be made. Review their requests area for this.

Prices range from $4 to $10.

  • Yarn Hookers – Graphs Only

There are tutorials to help you get started with free examples to try.

The graphs are generally don’t have a lost of detail which would making the graph-ghan quicker.

You make an online purchase and they will send you the PDF of the pattern.

Prices are about $5 per graph.

  • C2C Graphs – Graph and Written Instructions

Easy to understand graphs and written instructions for each graph.

The graphs are ranging from traditional to whimsical and have a diverse theme list for what you may enjoy.

You purchase directly through ETSY and its an instant download. You can make arrangements for customization for a nominal fee.

Ready to Go Patterns range from $5 and up.

  • Crochet by Numbers – Numbers Chart

Many of you have seen Crochet by Numbers examples online. They are a premium service of transferring a photograph to a graph and making it easy for you.

They can take any photograph you have and transfer them to a Number Chart.

They will give advice on which pictures work best.

You purchase their service and they will send you a PDF of the pattern that is custom created for you.

Prices range from $50 – $100 per picture.