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Pompom makes check them out 💕

Pompom ideas original source and tutorial on how to make pom-poms 💕

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Crochet C2C Bunny Pillow Sham


– Bernat Super Value Yarn in Mint, Baby Pink, Lilac, and Winter White. You will need 2 skeins of Mint (or whatever color you will use for the back). And 1 skein of the other colors. Shop all 73 colors of this yarn at

– Size H Crochet Hook

– Standard bed pillow

– Tapestry needle
Bunny C2C Graph >

 VERY IMPORTANT: Instead of the traditional C2C method of using DC’s and chain 3’s to make each pixel, I used HDC’s and only chained 2 (and chained 5 instead 6 on the increase stitches). This allowed me to have a smaller overall piece. You can absolutely use the traditional method but your piece will be too large for the pillow sham.

You will want to make two rounds of SC along the edges. To do that, join yarn at any point on the edge and SC evenly around entire piece making a SC+chain 2+SC on the two pointed ends. A good way to keep your stitches even along the edge is to alternate between making 2 SC and then 3 SC along each “square.”
Make 3 large yarn pom poms and attach them to the bunny butts 🙂

After you finish the graph above you will need to make a second piece for the back in a solid color (I used Mint green). Make the same SC border along the edges.

When both pieces are done, SC them together along over the pillow. If you would rather be able to make the pillow removable, leave one button unstitched and use buttons for closer.

Original source

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Making a Pom Pom 

We all may have learnt how to make these when we were younger! Here’s a quick reminder..

Photography from ‘the art of knitting’ a very useful resource of information!

Trace this onto tracing paper

Trace this template onto tracing paper. Transfer onto thin card. Make two of these.

  • Place the two discs on top of each other and thread a large eyed needle with your chosen wool
  • Start winding the thread through the centre ring and back out over card, like a loop, see picture
  • Continue winding wool until you can no longer push the needle through the middle any more.

  • Using sharp scissors cut around the outer edge, snipping all of the layers of wool
  • Gently ease discs apart so you can see a straight section of wool between them (top image) It is important at this stage not to pull the card off completely as your pom-pom will fall apart.
  • Take a small length of wool and tie it firmly around the middle of the Pom Pom pull this tight and tie a knot. It’s important you do this as tight as possible. Now you can fully remove the card template rings as your Pom Pom is now secure.

  • Now card has been removed you can fluff it up into a round shape.
  • Trim Pom Pom to ensure a good round shape!