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Purple Crochet Gingham Blanket 

*for a list of abbreviations go to bottom of page*
CH 111, (pattern repeat is 10 plus one), in white.
Switch to your K hook.
SC in the second CH from the hook and the next 9 chains, start the 10th SC, but before you finish, change colors and join the lighter purple, SC over the white strand of yarn as you go for the next 10 SC. However, again, before you finish the 10th SC, pull up the white yarn you’ve been carrying along to finish the stitch.
Repeat this across the whole length of the chain alternating colors every 10 SC.
Chain 1 and turn, carrying the yarn not in use around the corner, and begin again with your 10 SC.
Always change colors on the 10th SC.
After working 10 rows, cut the white color, leaving a long tail to weave in later, and work your ten SC with the light purple. (your rows should have started and ended with the white). After your 10th SC, work in the dark purple.
You are always working over the yarn not in use. If this is confusing, refer to the video clip below to get a glimpse of how easy this is to do.

And here is the finished gingham blanket! I added a simple shell border.

First, before starting the border for this purple gingham crochet blanket, I wove in all my ends. Then, I joined in one of the corners, chained one then worked one SC into that space. Then I worked one SC into each space around the whole blanket, working 3 SC into each corner. When I returned to the starting chain, I work the final 2 SC, then slip stitched to the first, chained one, and then turned. I worked another row of all SC around the entire blanket again and did 3 SC into each corner.
I slip stitched again when I returned to the starting SC, chained one and turned. I worked one SC into that corner then skipped over two SC, worked 6 DC. Skip 2 again, work one SC, SK 2, work 6 DC. I worked this pattern around the entire blanket again. And, I did not add anything for the corners. I just kept the pattern going and it worked out perfectly. I joined at the end of the round to the first SC, and tied off.
Keep this tip in mind about gingham: Whatever three colors you choose to work with, there needs to be a light, medium, and dark. The medium color is used in every row. It alternates with the white, and then with the dark. That will ensure that you are making a gingham pattern. Any other variation will look like a checkerboard.




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