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How to make a Princess Poppy cake with pull-apart cupcake hair: step by step tutorial to make a Trolls Princess Poppy Cake

One 9 inch round cake, single layer

29 cupcakes (27 for the hair and 2 for her ears)

[you can always use a smaller round cake and alter the number of cupcakes, based on the number of your guests]

Fondant: pale pink, bright pink, black, white, blue and green

[I used approximately 8oz of pale pink icing to cover the face and ears, then small amounts of each of the other colours for features/accessories]


[I used plain vanilla frosting to dirty-ice under the fondant and two tubs (32oz total) of ready-made bright pink frosting for her hair]

Large stiff cake board

[I used an off-cut of wood, but a couple of layers of stiff cardboard would work]

A picture of Princess Poppy (google images is your friend), printed out to be the same size as your round cake, to use as a template for her features

[This may take a bit of trial and error, but is worth getting right so that you can make the features the right size, and place them correctly on the cake. One day I will work out how to make a printable for you to help with this!]
I also used fondant adhesive and a fondant roller, both of which are handy, but not essential. I also have special fondant-cutting tools (scalpel etc.) which are handy for the detailed areas, but a small sharp knife will do the job too.
1. Once you have baked your cake and cupcakes, leave them to cool and then lay them out to finalize the number of cupcakes that you want to use.


Once the cakes are completely cool, you’re ready to start the decoration.

1. Roll out the pale pink fondant until it is large enough to more than cover the cake.

2. Dirty ice the cake, I used vanilla frosting.

3. Lay the sheet of pink fondant over the cake, smooth it out and then start trimming. Cut it slightly larger than you think you need and then ‘tuck’ it in neatly under the cake. Work your way around the cake until it is completely covered.

4. Using a round cookie cutter (or similar) cut out two rounds big enough to cover two of the cupcakes to make the ears, dirty ice two cupcakes and top with fondant.

5. Take your picture of Princess Poppy and carefully cut out her eyes. Keep the rest of her face intact as you will use this to ‘mark’ where her eyes should go on the cake before placing them.

6. Using the cut-out eyes as a template, cut out the black shape of eyes/eyelashes.

7. Next, cut out the white circle and use it as a template to cut out the required fondant.

8. Repeat with the pink and blacks circles, and then lastly roll two small balls of white fondant for the highlights.

9. Using a little fondant adhesive, layer the elements of the eyes until you have two complete eyes.

10. Using the print out of Poppy’s face (which will now have two holes in it where the eyes used to be!) mark the locations for the eyes lightly on the cake, then stick the completed eyes in place with a little fondant adhesive.

11. Using the same process, cut out her nose and her eyebrows from the print-out and then from fondant, again using the holes in the print-out to mark their locations on the cake.

12. For her mouth, I just made a thin roll of fondant and gave her a little smile!

13. Use the same process to make her headband. Roll and cut a strip of green fondant long enough to lay over her hair, and then cut out small green leaves and blue flowers. Layer the leaves and flowers as shown above, stick and leave to dry. Then, lay this to one side to use once later.
You are now ready to frost her ‘hair’. Lay the cupcakes out into their final positions. You want them pushed as tightly as possible against each other to make frosting the gaps easier.

14. Firstly, add her fringe/bangs to her face. I used a palette knife and marked out where I wanted her fringe/bangs to go and then filled in with the frosting. Use the spreading action to create continuous lines in the direction her hair would fall.

15. Then start icing the cupcakes! Start at the head and work your way to the end of her hair. The cupcakes will want to move, so use one hand to keep them in place as you frost each line of cupcakes. Again use the palette knife to create sweeps of hair as you go. Work your way all the way up to the top and you will soon have Poppy’s trademark hairstyle. Lay on her headband and your work is done!

And Princess Poppy’s ear was a perfect spot for a candle 🙂



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