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Zigzag stripe tutorial

The above image is half done – I’m making another square for my throw – square measures 15cm-15cm

How to knit this square:
1st row: (RS) (k3,p3) 4times, k4

2nd row: (p3,k3) 4times, p3,k1

3rd row: p2, (k3,p3) 4times, k2

4th row: p1,(k3,p3) 4times, k3

5th row: k1, (p3,k3) 4times, p3

6th row: k2, (p3,k3) 4 times, p2

7th row: (k3,p3) 4times, k3, p1

8th row: (p3,k3) 4times, p4

9th row: k5, (p3,k3) 3 times, p3, k2

10th row: As 8th row

11th row: As 7th row

12th row: As 6th row

13th row: As 5th row

14th row: As 4th row

15th row: As 3rd row

16th row: As 2nd row

Rep 1st-16th rows again, then 1st-8th rows. 

Cast off knitwise, working into the back of each stitch.

Making up:

Place the square of a flat, padded surface and ease out to correct dimensions, pinning around edges of necessary.

Cover with a clean, lightly dampened cloth and leave until square and cloth and dry.

Store the square flat until you are ready to see throw together ~ or whatever your project may be!



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