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Everyone loves this adorable Golf Ball Ladybugs Craft and you won’t be able to wait to add them to your garden ..

Brighten up your garden with these adorable Ladybugs that are made from old Golf Balls! These will add a real touch of fun and personality to your backyard. They will add a smile to your face every time you see them.
This is an incredibly easy craft and even the kids will be able to make them. They would look super cute scattered around the rocks in your garden beds and they might even keep the birds and pests at bay if you have them guarding your veggie patch.

How To Make Golf Balls Ladybugs Craft -:

The best way to make them is to rough the surface of your golf balls up with sandpaper. This will help the paint to stick. It’s then advised that you spray your golf balls with Primer.

Once dry you can use acrylic paints to decorate your golf balls. If you want to protect them you can finish off with a Sealant but it’s not essential.
How about little buzzy bees as well?

Or little flowers?


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