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How to print on sticky notes ~ planner 💕

Original source :
I used Word to first create a template with black boxes around where the post it notes need to go:

Then I stuck the sticky notes in those spots on the piece of paper:

Next I added the content that I wanted to be printing on the sticky notes to the document. Then I deleted the black boxes, and ran the sheet with the sticky notes through the printer. Voila:

Did you know you can print on sticky notes? Here’s a tutorial showing you exactly how to print on Post It notes along with a free printable template.Then I can stick my morning routine reminder anywhere (on my mirror, in the kitchen, on my planner):

If you’d like to use standard square (3 by 3) post it notes and print exactly what I have shown here you can just use these pdf templates:

Printing template with just the black boxes to show where to place sticky notes

Morning tasks to print on the sticky notes
If you want the word templates that you can edit yourself, here they are:

Printing template with black boxes

Morning Tasks to print on the sticky notes 



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