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Learn to make Elastic Reusable Bowl Covers that are made from Fabric. They’re washable and ideal for a Potluck, Picnic or BBQ!

If you are continually transporting your food to Pot Lucks and Parties, now you can add some charm to their presentation. It’s time to lose the cling wrap and replace with a cuter than cute elastic reusable bowl cover. We are in love with this idea. The Creator of those featured below had a lovely set of stoneware bowls that she wanted to complement. It’s almost a shower cap for your bowls! They have an elastic bottom, fit snuggly and they keep the nasties out.
The version above are made from Bandanas. They’re machine washable and entirely reusable and look so much better than a piece of plastic, foil or a lid. In fact, these Elastic Reusable Bowl Covers make a great gift too.

How To Make Elastic Reusable Bowl Covers -:

All you’ll need is an old Bandana or piece of fabric, a measuring tape, some Polyester Elastic and a Fabric Pencil. The Blogger recommends using worn Bandanas for this project as they are softer. To begin with place your first bowl upside down as near as possible to the centre of the bandana or fabric. Next, measure up around 2 inches from the edge of the bowl and use your Fabric Pencil to mark it off. Cut out the circle, iron it flat and sew around the edge to stop it fraying too much.

Finish off by sewing on the elastic – the tip for making these covers fit snugly on your bowl is to pull the elastic taut as you’re sewing it.

It’s so easy to do, doesn’t have to be too precise and as you can see from the photos above, they look fantastic.

You can use leftover scraps of Fabric to make these cute and colorful Bowl Covers. They look like an old fashioned Bonnet and do a great job of keeping your food clean and protected from bugs – via Sew4Home

The Washable Reusable Bowl Covers shown above are made using a piece of Iron-On Vinyl which you attach on the top side of the fabric cover so it’s really easy to wipe clean and reuse. What a clever idea! via The Gracious Wife

The same basic idea will work just as well for your Baking Dishes. You won’t need to go searching for the lids! Again these are reusable and washable. They’d make a really handy gift for friends – via Smashed Peas and Carrots



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