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How to Create Comic Book Letters

I so love this I think I shall be making some of these myself!
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Materials Needed:
MDF Wood Letters, I’m using 8 inch tall ones in the Showcard Gothic font

Comic books

Mod Podge

Razor knife

Black and red craft paint

Foam brush

Paper plate or paint tray
How to Create Comic Book Letters | Gather Your Materials |

                         Gather Your Materials

Between the paint and Mod Podge, chances are you’re going to make a mess on your work surface. Put some newspaper down if you want to keep it clean.

(How to Create Comic Book Letters | Black Paint |

                        Black Paint

Some of my letters were slightly wider than the comic book paper so I painted the face black to hide those portions. Since I wasn’t sure where exactly I would run into this problem, I went ahead and painted around edges on the face of each letter. You can see that I left the centers of the letters unpainted since they will for sure be covered by the comics.

                     Red Edges

To give my letters a colorful pop, I painted the edges bright red. Feel free to pick any color that compliments your comic selections. Be careful not to get any on the black face.

(How to Create Comic Book Letters | A Page for Each Letter |

                                                                 A Page for Each Letter

Here are the pages I selected for each letter. I made sure to alternate between each super hero.

(How to Create Comic Book Letters | Mod Podge |

 Mod Podge

Apply a thin coat of Mod Podge to the face of the letter. It is important that you apply it sparingly, if you have too much on there the moisture will cause the paper to ripple.

(How to Create Comic Book Letters | Place the Comic |

Place the Comic

Place the comic onto the face the letter. Press into place and make sure there aren’t any air bubbles.

Remove the Excess Paper

Once the Mod Podge has dried, turn the letter over and use the razor knife to carefully remove the excess paper from the edge of the letter.

(How to Create Comic Book Letters | Clear Coat |

Clear Coat

Use the Mod Podge to give the letter a nice even clear coat. I started with the red edges and then worked my way onto the face. This will give the edges and the face a matching glossy finish.

(How to Create Comic Book Letters | Mod Podge Letters |

Check Your Work

Here is how they look with the clear coat. Check to make sure there aren’t any spots that need to be touched up.

(How to Create Comic Book Letters | Mod Podge Letters |


I used double sided foam mounting tape to hang these letters but you could add a picture hooks to the back instead. Hang and enjoy!
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