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This is a fantastic creation – a light rug – do you have someone whose afraid of the dark? Then this is for you… I love it!!

Do you have someone in your home that doesn’t like the dark? It’s a very common complaint. You might even have a relative that needs to get up throughout the night. The idea of this crochet LED light rug is to give off a gentle glow that won’t disturb your sleep.
It has been designed to look like a flower. The pattern creator has a few good tips and tricks that are going to help you get the desired effect. 

How To Make Crochet LED Light Rug -:

Here’s what the Creator has to say about her gorgeous rug ..”I crocheted the entire rug with single crochets. I made a magic circle of 4 sc and crochet 8 sc around it. To get a nice effect I crocheted every other row around the rope and every other without. I only increased stitches on the rows crocheted around the rope. That is because the yarn varies in thickness and I did not want the rope to be too visible.
I made the increases on a feeling but I decided in the beginning of the lap how often they should be done so that my work became symmetrical. The last lap had 120 stitches. When the whole rope was covered, I finished the rug off with a nice border. My intention was to make it look like a flower”

She goes on to say that she bought a light rope with LED lights (6 meters ) and 2 huge balls of Hooked Zpagetti. Be careful and chose a quality light rope for outside use! The crochet hook is 12 mm. The rug is 70 cm in diameter.

Below is a link to a YouTube video tutorial of this light rug:


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