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How to Soften Economical or Scratchy Yarn

Are you the not-so-proud owner of scratchy yarn?

Sometimes the best or most vivid colors come in the most scratchy yarn, and also the most economical. Not only can this rub your working finger nearly raw (if so, you need a finger cuff, friend!) but it’s just not the same as having soft, pliable and cuddly yarn to work with.
I don’t know about you, but when I go to wash my crocheted items, it seems that after the work has been completed and washed, it doesn’t soften up to the degree that I’d like. So, I have decided to soften my scratchy yarn before crocheting and it makes all the difference.
This is particularly handy when you score a tote or large garbage bag FULL of 1970s yarn at the thrift store or as a hand-me-down.
Never turn down yarn!
Don’t get me wrong! I’m not complaining about cheap or free yarn, I’m just complaining about the scratchy yarn. 😉
Which, incidentally, we can fix!

As with anything, outcomes may vary based the temperature of your water, the cycle of your dryer, the season on the moon etc. I have never had an issue with my yarn becoming even more scratchy, or with the yarn tangling, but I do feel that I need a disclaimer of sorts. Read the label of your yarn before washing to be sure that you’re not setting yourself up for failure. 🙂
First, you’ll remove the labels from the yarn, and you’ll need to “rough” the skeins up a little. Just dig your fingers in and fluff the yarn up a bit.
Next, throw them in a lingerie washing bag, and throw them in the wash with like colors (or in your regular wash, I usually wash with towels). I also have a front loader, if that makes a difference with the tumbling and possible tangling issue.

When finished, throw them in the dryer on medium heat and voila! You’ve got soft, fluffy yarn to work with!

While this isn’t always going to be necessary, it is particularly nice when you’re working on a baby blanket or something similar that you want to be super, super soft.
Now your economical yarn doesn’t have to hurt your hands, scratch up your skin or baby’s face! ♥ High five!



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