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Pine cone fairy 

A great activity to do with your little ones. It also gets them outside and discover what nature provides for us. Good all round! They get to learn about nature, their outside enjoying the fresh air and exploring their environment. Then you have a craft activity that they can make and then display for all to see. How proud will you be! (And if your lucky tired children as well!)

Bring a little magic into your home this Christmas 🎄 

You will need

Waterproof markers

Large wooden beads

Pine cones

Hot oil gun


Wool – for their hair how about red, blue, green or white – go wild!

Star beads

Tree bark

Small twigs

How to make

  • Using the marker pens you need to draw faces on the wooden beads.Two little black eyes with maybe two eyebrows, and a little red mouth.
  • Glue  the wooden beads on top of the fur cone. Make sure it sticks!
  • You now have the head and body of your fairy!
  • Next, you need to glue on her hair. To do this get your wool, and twist a few strands together and lay them in top of her hair. You can then style it to whatever you wish! Be creative! (Attach this hair to bead head with the glue gun.)
  • Next, using the tree bark you need to cut this into a tear drop shape and then attach to fur cone, to make her wings. If you haven’t got tree bark, you can buy fairy wings or butterflies, or ribbon instead.
  • Glue a star bead on to the end of a twig, to make her ward.
  • Now your ready for your little fairy to do the magic!!

You can also attach a pipe cleaner or string/ribbon to your fairy to use as a Christmas decoration. 



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