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Making a Pom Pom 

We all may have learnt how to make these when we were younger! Here’s a quick reminder..

Photography from ‘the art of knitting’ a very useful resource of information!

Trace this onto tracing paper

Trace this template onto tracing paper. Transfer onto thin card. Make two of these.

  • Place the two discs on top of each other and thread a large eyed needle with your chosen wool
  • Start winding the thread through the centre ring and back out over card, like a loop, see picture
  • Continue winding wool until you can no longer push the needle through the middle any more.

  • Using sharp scissors cut around the outer edge, snipping all of the layers of wool
  • Gently ease discs apart so you can see a straight section of wool between them (top image) It is important at this stage not to pull the card off completely as your pom-pom will fall apart.
  • Take a small length of wool and tie it firmly around the middle of the Pom Pom pull this tight and tie a knot. It’s important you do this as tight as possible. Now you can fully remove the card template rings as your Pom Pom is now secure.

  • Now card has been removed you can fluff it up into a round shape.
  • Trim Pom Pom to ensure a good round shape! 


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