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Useful ‘how to’ for all knitters out there!!

What does ‘weave in the ends’ mean?

When you have finished knitting your item, you will have several strands of wool dangling. This will be because of casting on and off, and starting new balls of wool. Weaving in is an important element of finishing your item. Therefore, it needs to be done neatly before sewing any pieces together.

Weaving wool ends vertically

Most of the wool ends will be at the end of your work, and these can be woven vertically up the sides of the your item. Thread a tapestry needle with the end of your wool. Insert the needle through several loops on the edge of your finished piece. Three loops would be a minimum for any heavy/thick wool or very textured wool. With DK (double knitting wool) or finer wool you should work under seven or eight loops. After you have completed this you can cut the wool off close to your finished item. If you do not complete this process you will find over time that your knitted item starts to become loose, or worse still start to unravel and your item is ruined.



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